Read the results from both the Household Survey and the Young Persons’ Survey which were sent out to all households and businesses in the Stoke Golding Neighbourhood Plan Area in April. These reports have been independently compiled by The Rural Communities Council (RCC), a charity experienced in helping with the preparation of neighbourhood plans.
The reports are currently being used as a basis for writing a first draft for Stoke Golding’s Neighbourhood Plan.


Following the suggestion days in October 2016, we have analysed the suggestions made and produced this document outlining the results. We have also produced this pathway of the estimated progress of the Neighbourhood Plan.


CALLING ALL STOKE GOLDING BASED BUSINESSES! If you have a business located in Stoke Golding or you do a lot of work in Stoke Golding, the Advisory Committee would really like to know your views to feed into The Neighbourhood Plan. It is hoped that a list of businesses can be put together to meet this objective. Please email Jim Hope on to get your business put on the list and have your say. Thank you!


After a quiet few months, there has been some significant progress on developing a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Stoke Golding. Since the last public meeting which was held on 18th May, the plan’s Advisory Committee has been working hard behind the scenes on a number of priorities.
Most significantly, the designated geographical area that the NP will cover was legally approved by the Borough Council in mid-June. I will try to attach a map showing the approved area on here soon.

Secondly, after presentations from three different consultants to support in the production of the plan, the Committee and residents voted for Kirkwells and this was accepted by the Parish Council. Work can begin with Kirkwells once a grant is obtained and before any expenditure is incurred.

The last public meeting also included a talk from Richard Mugglestone on behalf of the Borough Council who will be working with the Advisory Committee on a questionnaire to find out what type of housing residents think will be needed for our area.