Welcome to Stoke Golding, Birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty

This site is managed by local residents on behalf of the village, to provide information, news, event listings, local history and photos of the village & surrounding area. It is generously funded by the Charity of Thomas Barton.

What’s new on the site:

10/07/20:      Stoke Golding Parish Council Update – 10th July 2020

     Notice of Change of Reserve Site in the Neighbourhood Plan

09/07/20:Neighbourhood Plan Agenda – 20 July 2020

07/07/20:Neighbourhood Plan Minutes- 3 July 2020

03/07/20: Parish Council Minutes – July 2020

25/06/20: The Stoker – June 2020

20/6/20: Added Neighbourhood Link (free community messaging service from Leicestershire Police), to the Local Links