Artists Mark the Legacy of Bosworth 1485

Art Commissions

Leicestershire Promotions Ltd, the tourism organisation for Leicester and Leicestershire, wishes to commission a series of public artworks to mark the local legacy of the events of Bosworth 1485 and their subsequent history, from the Battle of Bosworth, the end of the Wars of the Roses, the birth of the Tudor dynasty, to the re-interment of King Richard III in present times.

The proposal is to commission permanent artworks sited in the communities involved, Market Bosworth, Stoke Golding, Sutton Cheney and Dadlington. Leicestershire Promotions seeks to establish a series of connected artworks fittingly set on agreed sites to be accessible by the general public, residents and visitors.It is planned to commission a linked series of public artworks in the villages close to the site of the Battle of Bosworth Field, to mark the legacy of that epoch-making event and the subsequent history: Market Bosworth, Sutton Cheney, Dadlington and Stoke Golding.

Following applications from a number of interested parties, three artists have been selected from a national competition. Each has a distinguished record of art commissions in public places.
Each artist has developed a distinctive approach to the project, that is explained in an exhibition of the applications that have been submitted.

Art trail

Art trail 2

You can have your say
A response form and a pillar-box will be provided at each venue. Please let us know your response to the artists’ ideas and your thoughts about the project.

Alternatively, you can view each of the ideas and give your feedback online.

The exhibition will be displayed during July and August at these venues:
Battlefield Heritage Centre, Heritage Room
10 -16 July
10am – 4pm

Market Bosworth Library
17 – 22 July
Monday: 2pm – 5pm
Tuesday: 2pm – 5pm
Wednesday: 10am – 12noon
Thursday: 2pm – 7pm
Friday: 10am – 12noon
Saturday: 10am – 1pm

Stoke Golding, St Margaret’s Church
24 – 30 July
2pm – 7pm

Sutton Cheney, St James Church
31 July – 2 August
Open from 9am

Dadlington Church
3 – 7 August
11am – 5pm (except 6 August 12noon to 5pm)
Fred Brookes
Creative Leicestershire
T: 0786 653 2077